Thursday, December 29, 2011

520 Toll Bridge Haiku

The day has finally arrived.

Today tolling begins on the 520 bridge between Seattle and Bellevue. I believe that a lot of people will avoid the toll and re-route through Kenmore - that's not a good thing for me.

So before the tolling began I took my last couple of free trips over the bridge...just because I could...and both times on the way from Seattle to Bellevue I spied a grand bald eagle perched on a lamppost right at the beginning of the bridge. It was so close I could see its face. I think it was looking for fish in Lake Washington.

From these thoughts came these Haiku -

520 bridges the gap
520 toll begins -
Kenmore will suffer!

Eagle soars low in blue sky
Fish jumps in the lake
Huge hunger is avoided


Steve Cotton said...

Enjoy the new year.

Anonymous said...

happy new year cynthia and mike!

this is the first time i've read blogs while on our trip.

we have had a wonderful vacation. angkor wat is absolutely amazing! you should try to make it there sometime, maybe combined with a trip to nagoya, hint, hint ;-)

i just got back from a long walk along the mekong river in vientiane, laos. you could see vietnam on the other side. we head back to hanoi in a few hours and tomorrow we go home.

nice car-looks like you had a sunny day. how has the winter been so far? i love winters in nagoya, not too cold and sunny almost every day.

take care and i hope the new year brings you all the happiness you and mike deserve.

yoy wo toshi wa.


Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

Thanks Steve and Teresa and Happy New Year to you two too!

Anonymous said...

where has the time gone? hard to believe it's been 5 weeks since you posted. looking forward to seeing another post in the near future.