Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sonny and Cher

Yep. I’m back. And I’m headed in a musical direction.

In looking at the stats associated with people who view this blog, I found that the numero uno blog post since the 2007 debut is: “Sonny and Cher…uh I mean Mike and Cynthia” – I’m not sure if that is due to calling out S&C OR M&C so I presume it is a combo deal.  Notwithstanding (I love using that word in legal correspondence), here we go….

I saw a picture of Cher today on a rag next to the checkout station at the Kenmore Safeway. Aye, yi, yi. Her nose didn’t look like that on pictures from my long-ago blog posts. And I haven’t heard her perform in years – is she still singing?

Look at Sonny. Poor bastard. He whacked himself to death when he hit a tree while skiing in Nevada in 1998. A little Wiki research found that he was actually married FOUR times (Cherilyn Sarkisian [our girl Cher] was number two) and had four kids, Christine, Chaz (formerly Chastity – and excuse me, but who names their kid Chastity?), Chesare (like the cat?) and Chianna.  Oh, and by the way, what about that resemblence with Mike and Sonny?!

Interesting dude, that Sonny was. He was born in Detroit (where?) and his people were from Italy. He had a hit TV show and he went into politics. It also appears that he was associated with that unusual Scientology stuff and that he was continually searching for his soul partner.

I don’t know. But I remember watching him on TV and singing along with every song. That’s how I’ll remember Sonny.  And the beat goes on...