Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Steve Cotton Sighting in Salem, Oregon!

Wow. What a day.

We got snow. About 2” here in Salem. And like any ordinary town or city in the Great Pacific Northwest we freaked out because that was A LOT!

And during our afternoon snow storm who shows up in my office?? Yep. A wet, cold, trim and tanned STEVE COTTON! Our visit was brief, but we hope to hook up with Teresa from Lake Stevens, WA (lurker/commenter) who is in Eugene today, planning to pass through Salem tomorrow.

More to come…

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from Salem, Oregon!

Last year in Guaymas with no tree...this year in Salem with a beautiful Noble Fir...whatever holiday you may celebrate at this time of year, we wish you a fabulous holiday season!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why Are Farts So Funny?

We never talked about it much in my family when I was growing up...

And now Mike and I joke about it all the time…blame it on Sitka...laugh at the different sounds...try to make up new sounds...

Yesterday a friend forwarded to me a link to a sound board...guess what kind of sounds? Hehehe...turn up the volume and get ready to laugh your arse off...

Monday, December 7, 2009

I love Mike!

Friday, December 4, 2009 was our 11th wedding anniversary.

When I think back over the past few years I realize how lucky I am that:
1) Mike is still alive
2) We are together and back in the US working (me), living and enjoying life!

We’ve had some close calls…

In 2004 Mike’s Harley Davidson Night Train was totaled in a wreck outside of Seattle and so was Mike (almost). He was driving too darn fast!

In 2007 Mike had his first seizure. Out of the blue. No known reason for it.

In 2008 Mike had his 2nd and 3rd seizures in Mexico City. We found the reason. A cyst growing on his brain. And then Mike had 2 brain surgeries in Mexico City.

By 2009 we found our way back to the Great Pacific Northwest and Mike had his 4th seizure. We found that he needs to make sure he takes his anti-seizure meds AND that he keeps them down – that should prevent seizures.

So here we are in Salem, Oregon. Saturday night we celebrated our anniversary with a night out at Bentley’s Grill in the Phoenix Grand Hotel here in downtown Salem. It was fab! On a cold, dark night we found refuge in the warm, beautifully holiday-season decorated dining room with a fire pit. Mike had a scallops and prawns brochette and I had the steelhead trout special. Very nice. And a lovely venue to celebrate love.